Thursday, April 26, 2018

Building From Yesterday

For my top five goals that I wanted to complete, I ended up finishing about 3.5 of it. When I got back home, I had dinner that my mom made me. Eventually, I'm going to have to be able to meal prep for myself (my left out goal for yesterday); unless, I'm blessed to marry a woman who loves to cook delicious food! Also, my time will come where I will have to leave my parents. The fact that I'm 34 and still living with them and a virgin is insane! I accept the situation that I'm in. It looks like even though people may have had sex, the normal person doesn't really seem to be so mindful with discussing about it. In a way, it's like they did that in the past and maybe if it worked out for them then it's great; otherwise, just the way things are.

Getting back to discussing about my goals, I played piano while accompanied with singing contemporary Christian songs for a good 45 minutes without realizing how I was having so much fun. I even thought how one of my songs I'm working on could be used to make fun of Lee in a psychotic fashion and I practiced with that imagination in mind. I'm thinking about being a crazy fool and busting out playing on their uninspiring ghetto keyboard with a microphone hooked up to the stereo in front of all the hapless members at that church!  There's a breathing technique that goes along with singing and that really helps facilitate singing in a falsetto for the most part, which is a cool realization. It's breathing at those eighth note rests before singing again that does wonders!

After realizing that I had been distracted (thanks Lee), I did a 30 minute trail run and a lady friend texted me to go clubbing. I thought that would have been interesting considering how there is at least a slight physical attraction with each other, but I was like no, I have to get up too early for going to work and that I'll let her know. I went for an hour of doing a tiring yoga class which burnt a lot of additional calories, conducted personal hygiene, and with the remaining strength I had, I worked on my Forex trades. After that I was just zoned out and watched basketball and two anime episodes that left me so sleepy. I was just done for the night after that. I had that worn out feeling at the end before I let myself zone out for about an hour.

I guess I could push aside the whole playing piano thing because I was really just trying to let my food digest before I went running outside and work at my trades or something else I have in mind of doing. Playing the piano and trying to be soulful while singing with it is actually fun and good for you! I guess I'm just going to keep making adjustments and update myself consistently or until I run out of space on this blog to write. I'm only trying for one per day the whole month because I've been just doing it that way for the last several years and it's cool to me I did that, so I have the number one "Computer Science" blog because of it!