Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Current Honest Situation

From having read a book on financing, it recommends everyone should have enough money to support themselves for six months. When I do the math for myself, I am going to need $24,000 or $4000 per month to decently be able support my current living expenses. It sounds like a lot for someone who has no money at all, but I think that's pretty normal for the everyday active adult. You have to pay all sorts of utility bills and mortgage/rent and on top of that also for commuting to work with groceries. Also, it's hard to pass up entertainment like going for night out with friends or date which is highly treasured by people.

With all these factors, it sounds reasonable for a hard-working and responsible adult who also cares for his own welfare. The thing is though I'm still single and the main factor that's hindering my confidence is from not feeling like I have enough money like I would like to have a nice home that could even range near million dollars and free to have fun making money exploring opportunities at my own job.

Once again, the main factor is honesty! I'm a really lucky individual and blessed by God to have a job along with being born with a personality that cares so much about self-improvement. Why I'm so lucky with my job is that it's flexible from being family-owned. I'm one of those lucky guys out there and no, we're not hiring so sorry and screw the people at that church who kicked me out from acting like stupid, drama queens over people who didn't care enough to step forward and tell me what their problems were in person. They had social anxiety issues if they couldn't do that and being sensitive towards them would be like treating they are God, so it means they struggle from being selfish and wanting everybody to treat them with so much goodness so yeah, they overdid it in the religious department and failed to outdo me and I think that's what it was all about. It was about them competing against me for resources because they saw me as a spiritual powerhouse. Hey, that's cool and I did was just believe in Jesus and try to live it out the best I could with the studying the Bible and I had major help from listening in on sermons that concerned itself over preaching every single verse in the Bible! It was challenging because I didn't want to listen to God at certain times, but I still went for it.

You know it's not so bad after all because that church sucked dramatically so much! I think they still do because I haven't heard about them anywhere at more prominent churches, so they are just a bunch of low-level spiritual whack jaws who can't follow a single Bible verse that challenges them. They are a bunch of weak spiritual babies mislead by their own selfish and emotionalized ambitions. They are a bunch of spiritually dangerous people to entrust for anything! I'm glad I stood up against them and I did it peacefully and reluctantly too at the beginning. You know, I'm no longer reluctant about standing tall against them and have no problems doing that for once after I get to my lifelong oath to fulfill for the Lord. I'm not going to talk about it. I made a stupid promise to God and it involves that lame church and I want to run away from it so I feel free from this obligation, but I have to so yeah, it sucks and I made a mistake. I think I'll just yell at them the day that I do have to fulfill my oath with God because I didn't say I was going to be nice to them. I will get a very good laugh from being blunt and hurting all of their feelings and just not caring. It feels good to vent and reveal the whole truth. I don't think the people I dealt with are even going to be there- I'll be so surprised if they are still there and they are just going to have one extra headache to deal with that they are going to ignore and just have their own issues to deal with just like the failures that they already are.