Monday, April 23, 2018

Stuff I Should Work On

One of my female friends I hung out with yesterday was really honest with me. She said that she wants to find a man who will take care of her and this means that he would have to be financially fit- meaning she wants to marry a wealthy gentleman. I mean, what woman really wouldn't want to unless she's already successful and looking for something else in a guy.

She advised me to become rich as well and that even though I'm short, she vaguely implied it wouldn't matter to her as well, if I wanted to pursue her later on. It seems like she also cares about me and is taking a little interest. While I was around other people, I was a little disoriented at first with her being a little taller than me so I was trying to make it look like we aren't a couple, even though it looked like people didn't care if we were.

Since we're both Asian, maybe people can assume we are related as well too, so I guess I have that benefit of the doubt people can also think about too. After a little into having a conversation with her, I just stopped caring about her being taller than me again. I just plain ignored concerns that other people would think I look ridiculous for hanging out with a taller and an attractive woman and that I have no shot with her. I guess it doesn't make sense because the thought of that is actually cool and could make some guys jealous of me being in that position! Yeah, this personal insecurity with being so short doesn't seem to matter so much to me as it's been growing on me, but it doesn't hurt for me to try to keep on finding impossible ways to make myself grow taller!