Thursday, April 19, 2018

Lucky Me

This job I have is a family owned business and has just benefitted with booking a multi-million dollar contract. We are going to be so busy, and we've been lucky to be coming around and stabilizing these days. My dad is the angry CEO and he's crazy and gets on my case a lot even though he tells me he hates doing it, but that's how he micro manages everybody. My sister seems to be doing so well because she doesn't get that very much from my dad.

I accept that my father is a crazy old and angry man who won't ever give up smoking cigarettes, even though he still does that in moderation. He is physically a lot weaker than me and I just walked out on him yesterday while he was going off on talking about something crazy like how I silently expressed myself. I didn't vocalize anything and he was just angered and thinking I was doing something and just went crazy from that. I just told him I didn't really say anything and that he was getting on my nerves and had to take a break. I said it calmly and then my dad got up too and left as well and when I saw his face, he looked so devastated! Yes, I feel like I rocked! I didn't show that facial expression of elation from seeing his depressed looking face. I have to admit though that my dad repeated the comments that made me feel like punching his face, so I said something calmly and walked out from being myself openly. My dad later practically explained to me how he was being crazy in his prideful terms and said to not laugh at him sounding stupid during business hours so he doesn't turn crazy.

Well, the system development is coming around a lot easier than I could imagine. The time I put into it and deliver is seen as normal, even though I try to put on a show that I'm working really hard even though I'm having a blast stimulating my mind reading about off-topic stuff while surfing the web. I guess that inspires me to be productive during those few hours that I actually do really work super hard. I could do a lot more at a less time and that's always the challenge that I want to complete and to just go above and beyond the occasion. Everybody else at my job thinks it's difficult with what I'm doing while just sitting at this computer trying to program and also answering everybody's IT problems with their issues.

I feel like I have a distinct advantage over a good majority of people when it comes to programming. I'm just motivated with coming across a great solution. There's actually a guy I know who is really good and legitimate with his programming skills. He's just one person out of like the 100 programmers I'm acquainted with. I guess it's not that bad, but he struggles too just like I do at times. It's about having programming endurance and getting to the end which is so rewarding when the program finally does what you desire and then a rinse and repeat cycle while getting paid for it, which I'm so lucky to have but the other great programmer I know really doesn't have it to my current knowledge that's ten years old.