Thursday, April 19, 2018

Coming to Acceptance

I think a huge positive for me is that I'm just accepting how things are and including things that still make me mad. I mean I still think those people who got me there are stupid, but it's not really about how I want the way things have to be. I prefer just surrendering control to the ways of the Bible, no matter how evil people think that is. The Bible says not to sin like don't have sex outside of marriage and lie to bear false witness and to loving the Lord and others first over yourself. It's stuff like this that might not even appeal to a natural person.

It's so worth it to me because of the gospel message found in the pages of the Bible. Jesus was the Son of God brought into the world for the sole purpose of paying for our sins that whoever would trust in him would be looked upon by God the Father as righteous and given access into heaven. Jesus is also God Himself, so God sent Himself in the form of being His own Son to minister and live the life of being a physically, limited human. God humbled Himself to walk the Earth like that and let the Son Jesus face the worst way of being killed for capital punishment which is being crucified. Jesus was forced to carry the cross and then had nails hammered onto his palms and expected to die within days from suffocating out of exhaustion of supporting himself on the cross. He was even rejected by the most influential Jewish leaders at the time- Jesus had it so rough with them and his message sent starting with his followers is that Jesus resurrected and managed to leave a heavily guarded tomb that was sealed with a huge boulder. It is taught to be like a hoax to a lot of Jews today. The only crazy thing to marvel is that Jesus' body is not there and can't be found anywhere for all these people crazy for Jesus, like me.

The message is truly life changing at the heart. To have God Himself humble Himself like that to preach onto sinners who were depressed about life at times and no sense of going anywhere and to even minister to the physically afflicted by healing them and having crazy miracles recorded in the Bible that's just unheard of today, Jesus lives and that message and hope of how he will come back someday is sensational. I just don't know enough yet about how Jesus is going to re-establish his kingdom. It could be speculation, but the biggest thing is the resurrection and putting faith in Jesus to give me direction and to study the Bible and live in that manner while being in worship of the Father and to allow God's Word minister to me!