Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Reaping A Reward From Committing Into Something

I had so much clutter in my room. It was pretty much video game packages that I have never had the time to open and play. They are still practically brand new! I just kept them around as souvenirs for myself and be a reminder that I should eventually get around to designing my own video game and the fear the gets me is that I could be hurting my own career by doing so because what if I ended up with nothing in the end for all of that?

For this reason alone, this is why I developed a keen interest for learning to trade currency to make money and it's awesome because there's almost no barriers to do it with the right middle man. It's pretty much taking my own earned money and making something out of it. It's like I could take some gift and declare myself as unemployed and make something out of it for the loophole! Well, if I wanted to that is.

I will probably have to get around to pay taxes because never know, I could use some unemployment compensation even though I would be technically unemployed from just trading my own hard earned money with other currency and legally getting back the same in return even though some countries would give you more. See the arguing factor of how I wouldn't have to pay taxes with all of this being under the table?

It's so brilliant and legally done while getting away with something that virtually everybody has learned to accept for expenses in living but would rather not, if he or she didn't have to and had personal control over what to do with own earned money. With all this legally tax evasive profit, I could just fund my own video game development hobby and have a blast getting pounded by bigger titles. I would have said that I tried to put my foot in the door with that billion dollar market because I had so much fun growing up as a kid and was such a video gaming junkie. I think I would design titles that would encourage super fun objectives and online socializing. I never really had enough of being that nerdy gamer in the cyber world. I would love for those cyber gamers to have a place where they could just belong, make a comfortable living doing it, and be in happy harmony with the players that matter to them.