Friday, April 13, 2018

Interesting App Idea

I feel like I could create an app that would really help me. I'm thinking about writing a program that would take all of my activities and break them into how I'm spending my time. It would be like playing a game than with myself to have the best schedule that I can keep up with.

I love playing games regardless of when it sucks to grind through something for leveling up or not. PVP is definitely a really rewarding experience for me because it gives me a chance to put my skills to the test with another fellow competitor and gain something out of it. What's funny is that from having been so addicted to video games in the past, I wasn't aware that I was really doing all of it for nothing in the end. It's really such a bummer to have so much fun like that and not be compensated for any of it. Only the true winners get the prize in this world and that's how it works everywhere.

From realizing that I won't have fun struggling to always be a top-rated professional gamer, I guess it's not going to work out for me. If I want to have so much fun and independence from my responsibilities and just be carefree, then I'm really going to have to work on myself before I can just let go like that.

Starting with myself, my secret and passion to earning a living after all this time comes from becoming a professional currency and stocks trader. I haven't been able to even keep up with it this whole week from being distracted. My mind is still a little bit on gambling with playing poker. That too is a time consuming activity and it just doesn't feed me that much satisfaction in the first place.