Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Cool Times

It looks like I'm at the age where a few ladies are taking an interest with me and want to see if maybe they could settle down with me. They have been mainly Asians. On my dating app, I'm getting hit up by slightly older and overweight ladies. I don't read their messages because I don't pay for the service, but I assume they are interested in me. They all have kids too, so maybe they are looking for a second chance if I want to say it euphemistically or they are just desperate to find somebody, which is where I'm leaning at right now.

From having at least one girl interested in me for a serious relationship and also being great friends with enough girls, it's starting to get impossible to justify having my height inferiority complex! I saw today a black man who looked like he was two feet taller than me with a belly that would just do me in if he tried to eat me. He seemed like a very talkative and emotionally expressive man and it looked like a lady smiled at him or was it me because it was two of us in that building and direction she was glimpsing towards? Oh well, I guess it's possible and she looked alright and maybe she could burn off a few more pounds to make herself look super attractive!

The fact that I know and have dated ladies taller than me and are still cool with me and even for dating, man, I really need to withdraw my height inferiority complex more often because it makes me want to cry softly sometimes. The tears just start to form, but than I'm like what's up stupid and start laughing at myself and be like whatever and move on. It happens all the time for me. I think I just need to stop procrastinating much as possible and just self-motivate myself to accomplish my positive goals. It feels limitless with the stuff I can dream about doing, if I only I could gain the knowledge and time but there's only so much I can do and have to limit myself from getting carried away with fun stuff that don't really pertain to those goals.

I guess this is what makes us human and a lot of kids were like wow, how did you keep on getting A's when I was in school? It was because I smacked myself a lot while studying and feeling sad that I wasn't getting it, so I ended up getting perfect scores! They are like, oh you are so smart- not really, if I had to smack myself to make it happen. I'm not going to smack myself like an idiot as a 34 year old adult- it's just preposterous! I need to find another lighter method now and communicating this stuff with girls seem to have a positive effect on them too.