Friday, May 25, 2018

Understanding an Offensive Person I Know

I am able to retrace back what I did yesterday and it looks like for all the people I text and receive them from, they have been mainly only from girls who are my friends. The thought of being just a friend to a girl is something a buddy's brother can't do. He's pretty messed up in his thinking and just can't manage to make enough money to support himself and find a beautiful woman to have a deep and loving relationship with. I mean he just talks and laughs really hard about stuff and it gets me mad being around him sometimes, but I've learned to just accept it.

He's just one of those guys who just doesn't understand things fully and says that he does and when things don't happen the way he thought they would, he gets mad about it and starts saying offensive stuff to try to laugh about it behind people's backs. I've heard his comments and it's been annoying to hear his high-pitched laughter as well. Okay, I'm starting to laugh about this dude from recalling everything he's said and done around me; he's pretty much acting like a lost cause. I've been there as well, so pretty much he's been projecting a side of me and I know I've been a pain to others as well. I think he just lives off of feeling superior from offending with just his own words and in the mood for receiving that attention constantly so that he can stay motivated to work hard and say that he's better than people. It's pretty funny now that I think of it!

The way to get this type of guy off your back is to just accept it and not show much reaction by ignoring it and being successful in your own way and to build so much success and happiness. It makes this buddy's brother just feel like he's lacking in something and discouraged from offending because he knows it's not going to get through the skin. He basically doesn't want to be brushed off as someone that can't be taken seriously and it happens enough that he will just start saying stuff to draw upon negative attention and have no means of getting it done because he just isn't that smart enough. I guess you can say that he's stuck in his own selfish and delusional world from having a lack of intelligence and no interest for genuinely caring about others except for his own welfare. He has tried countlessly to win over others to do favors for him and he's happy momentarily when it's done, but that moment goes away and he's greedy for so much but can't do it himself. With his thinking, he really has nowhere to go but to have anger issues about it and act a little socially awkward.

For this type of guy, to discourage his type of mean behavior, it's not a problem to ignore him. This guy will still take it upon himself to greet you if he knows you and figures you are smarter than him and successful. I seem to have those qualities so to deal with this guy, I can just simply ignore him and he will just be discouraged to act like a jerk with me the whole time, which is what I want so I won't have a problem acknowledging him as my buddy's brother. Unfortunately with circumstances, he was born pretty dumb along with my buddy and they were just too unmotivated and couldn't invest in themselves enough to understand how the world really can work for sustaining them.

It's just the way it is and to accept it is actually pretty smart and to go about figuring it out through being motivated maintains happiness. I'm just glad that I have this spiritual ease from trusting upon the Son of God, Jesus as my king and savior. He's the rock of our salvation, along with having a vine of life that bears good fruit. Wow, I'm starting to do this Christian talk and making sense of what it means to me. In the past, they were just words I kept hearing over and over again, but now I'm understanding it better.