Thursday, May 3, 2018

Happy Where I'm At

I think a lot of how living life occurs really happens from having a proper mindset. From being an honor student in high school, I got lucky to be a part of going to see Magic Johnson speak to us. It was boring to be in that school and I just wanted to get out of there and never come back to it. I still feel that way to this day. Those classes were hot at times and it felt like I was just burning up in a very tormented place all day that felt too long. It was boring to me and I didn't feel motivated, but I was just this quiet kid while feeling like I had nothing going for me and just going along with the motion. It just didn't feel great for me even though I tried and I did stupid stuff that made me clean up right after and to never do that in the end too. I was just afraid of negative consequences which was the phobia of being outed for having done something wrong. One of my friends is still living with that mentality and it's not fun at all to be that way. I mean there are some really great days that you live for and those glory moments are what you recall to bask yourself in personal satisfaction or pride or whatever you want to call it.

Basically, Magic Johnson said to us from the way he lived his life so far at that time that he would be a happy dead man! This gets to the point of how I'm actually pretty happy with how things are going. I just feel this contentment and joy and excitement with some sort of balance in my life. A lot of it is thanks to having pretty good friends and even though they have their shortcomings, I still love them a lot. I also have this faith in Jesus and to trust in the Bible while chasing after God's Word. The focus should be on what Jesus says and not some leader at the church- he or she is just a mouth piece in the body of Christ. The full body which is what everybody is a part of is needed to function with carrying out God's mission to eventually lead much as possible into having a relationship with the Father through His Son. "Go out and make disciples" for Christ was his last command for all the followers before he ascended into heaven in front of 500 witnesses. Interesting claim that wants to be still challenged or just dismissed from natural skepticism. I can accept that view, but I have to affirm that I have been transformed through acknowledging the saving grace of a wretched soul like me, a sinner who continues to keep on sinning. I suck! I'm just glad that this faith is about being getting better each day, which works really well with my personality. It isn't even justified by what I do. It's just from having faith that I'm living how I want to for the Lord each day.