Friday, June 8, 2018

Renewing the Mind

As a human being, I guess it's normal to want to do something but just never find the time to get around to doing it. Worst, sometimes it can turn into regret and it becomes a cycle from probably some obsession or addiction and just not being able to break a certain habit. In these circumstances, there is a way to overcome those obstacles that lead us to staying human. It's basically renewing the mind.

There are five things to it for a person to obtain a renewed mind, and I'm going to mention this is a Christian post.  It's to read, study, memorize, meditate, and share the Bible. I guess you have to make time to do those things out of discipline and then grow into enjoying it and then living it. Trusting in the very essence of the Bible happens thanks to believing in Christ's resurrection.

This is what I should really be doing on a daily basis, so it would mean that I don't really have time to let my mind wander off reading other cool stuff on the Internet nor even watching TV and movies unless it's socializing with other people- only by that, I'll make the exception. I'm really going to have to prioritize on a 24-7 basis and just keep on adding up different things to do that will just keep my butt from being glued to the couch and munching on goodies.

It's probably that I feel worn out and confused sometimes and just not feeling it while not caring that I just tune into television or getting lost in my other side curiosities that waste time like a numb skull. I do it all the time. I think I'll try to get back to reading the Bible once again with the three passages, along with studying a chapter of Proverbs and Psalms and just listening in on Scriptures. I believe this is the priority I must do.

I can say that I'm hanging out with friends who do have a somewhat belief in God and Christianity so I guess I can hang in there and live by example just to be a quiet witness to them since they aren't really asking any questions or making any of these deep and serious religious considerations at the moment. Maybe I can also include praying about it during my quiet time with the Bible.