Thursday, August 9, 2018

Mastering Self-control

I'm on like a mini-quest to improve some self-control issues. My main worry is that when I'm around nobody, I can start blurting out swear words and then immediately switch to being quiet if someone approaches me and feeling sheepish while hoping he or she didn't hear me! It's funny that I laugh about it but my thought patterns can be so random and lead me to the same memories that bring me shame. I don't cry about it, I just want to swear while feeling so much discomfort about those situations. It's been long passed obviously and maybe I killed my positive reputation already from doing those things with certain groups, but I would like to finally come to a peaceful resolution with myself and let it be something I accept without too much squirming and continuing to work hard on myself.

It could be that I gave it all I had during those moments but ended up falling short. It hurts a lot with repeating the same trend for awhile. Coming to an acceptance in this area and finding the right source of information and inspiration is probably the closest thing for separating the boundaries of success and failure. For myself, it's a constant reminder of the heartaches I went through and with time, it feels like I'm able to stay calm from unwittingly remembering those stressful moments and with anything closely related to it testing my patience.

I seriously love Nike's slogan - Just Do It. It's like waking up and feeling numb about doing the same hard routine of working out and going for it. Once it's finished, it feels great after the body went through some persevering. It's totally worth it to exercise regularly and best as you can. I think the biggest challenge is being aware of priorities and getting them sorted out with the time that's given to us everyday. It's because some of them won't be finished in one day and needs to be carried over. Along with priorities, it's great to attach them with desires to fulfill but sometimes it may not be the case and that's where it can get pretty tricky and cause laziness who suffer from disapproval.