Sunday, March 11, 2018

Rags to Riches Approach-Part Two

This is probably the first time that I'm intentionally holding back a post to try to look smart because I'm making two posts on the same day. It would figure that "Part One" should come first so I'm posting "Part Two" first on this blog so it looks like I did it like that. It must be pretty interesting in a funny and weird way right?

Okay, If I still have your attention and not confusing brainy souls out there then let's talk about how I'm going to play a little cash game poker with the lowest limits in the game that it could provide and try to build it to the highest table and make a small living off of it on my free time. Wouldn't that be exciting and cool? For most people, it's whatever and never even imagined gambling like that so it's not worth trying. I can see how there's some skill involved there because if you logically have a strong hand and the other player doesn't seem to be acting confident from the low amount that they are trying to bet to get you off a hand, then probably 90% of the time is a good number to win some cash from your opponent's wallet!

Another rags to riches approach from aside to playing online poker and I'm just doing fast paced poker for money; don't ask me how I got started because the research is waiting for you by typing online poker sites on Google and being rejected by like almost all of them because you are a U.S. citizen and not eligible. I suggest you go from there and yeah, I'm playing for real money on a poker site. I'm not saying how but it's on Google even though all of them will try to reject you for playing for real money. Try it, if you are interested!

Furthermore, aside from not trying to cuss anymore it's diggity diggity cool and yeah that didn't help my funny mind from trying to sarcastically say a bad word. Man, this is harder than I thought. I could use some healing in here. I'm really going to have a harder time not trying to say bad words now rather than being a celibate.

Okay, so with the Forex market, I also plan to make some cool trades on there and start from rags to riches approach, too. Being a swing trader is fun and risky to some, but it's cool for my personality to make some money.