Monday, March 26, 2018

Responding to Personal Attacks

I am incredibly capable of making fun of people to them in person who have lost control with themselves and are directing their negative energy with me. I was being unintentionally a jerk to them by making fun of them and holding back my statements to make them think I'm so crazy! Yeah, they totally lost it and deserved to feel that way because they didn't care about being a jerk with that past moment. From being honest, getting a personal laugh out of it with whoever wants to observe our exchange will be part of it.

From finding ways to laugh with a sense of humor, it really helps to ease any feelings of tension or selfishness or psychotic thoughts I may get at that moment. I have always been that person who just wants to get along. My biggest transition in learning to have great relationships with people in general has been to be openly myself. It's a courageous move and there's no going back once I've thrown out my claims or doubting what I said in the moment. It really helps me a lot to just get one person to respond positively to me and that's all I really need honestly. I think the crazy part is that I completely ignore the whole spiritual aspect of this a lot and may be moved by the Holy Spirit every once in awhile to do something completely different with how everybody else wants it done.

Like some crazy guy might be like go kill them and they are thinking I'm going to do that to them because it's logical to think that way. They are being selfish and trying to cover it up, so I'm like who cares and let's get along because I like being a nice guy. They are so frustrated by that and try to make me blow up while thinking that I should logically kill them. I don't follow them because I now have a way of making fun of them to combat those feelings and I want them alive so I can get that pleasure of continuously laughing at them, so then they are like in the end, oh man, "We are so stupid."

I'm so different and not the guy who likes to feel empty about stuff while living life. I feel that wholesome thing going inside of me. I'm a self-starter and care about maintaining a happy purpose of living my busy and not-that-standing-out life.