Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Finding Balance

Seriously, I really should start all my sentences with "Honesty, that's what it's all about!" Well, you could have honesty about everything and start hating it which will turn you into a serial killer but no I wouldn't want that now would I? I'm just talking to myself here by the way, so I must be mindful of all the visitors I'm getting which is starting to top only 50,000 visits with probably 75% of it being just me. I'm getting a kick out of reading my posts throughout the day. I have had this site for over ten years now, so that's a lot visiting going on that I don't want to sit there and count that many times now. I guess that's how I know that this site is going good for one, considering that I'm not making a dime off of this blog. I'm not going to put in any more time than I really need to, except just please myself. Yeah, this blog will serve my purposes with talking about Jesus all day, whenever I'm in the mood for that.

The most uncomfortable posts that I wrote on here and had to come to accept has been to realize that some people were acting unacceptable with me because their minds were fixated on acting stupid. Oh well, it still hurts but at least it's something I can laugh about now. I'm just going to be honest with them whenever I get the chance I guess because for me, it works better than always criticizing them which is what got them to ignore everything I write to them about and disappear without reading my messages. I can say that I realize things about them being angry and stupid and that I can be better than that for now by moving on with my own life and not worrying about it. On top of this, they haven't got me in trouble for anything and can't even do it if they wanted to, so they are just forced to ignore it. This is me being at my worst so I can clearly say on record here that they are some stupid people and everybody knows they have had hiccups now.

Honesty takes a lot of bravery to accept, and it can be all done out of love!