Friday, July 6, 2018

Situation With Girls

It looks like I have bonded closer with a lady friend's older sister. She thinks of me as an older brother and sometimes gets mad when I disagree with her and share my two cents about it. She will also introduce me as her friend to others and has laughed when one old guy asked if we are a couple. Only one person in the times we have hung out together have asked while another time, a person thought we were a couple. She and I get laughs off of it. From observing her, she admitted that she's attracted to tall, good looking Middle Eastern men. I mean I guess they are great looking and were born like that, and there's really nothing I can do about how I was born.  

On the flip side, there's a girl who has shown a bit of interest in me and I can really tell. She even told me in person that I'm hot! I was like thanks and that felt good. It looks like she would love to fool around sexually with her partner and right now she's available to date. I think she's cool with playing the role of a friend so far. I really should get around to adding her as a friend on Facebook after she requested it. I think I'll do so eventually after I delete a post on my Facebook, which is related indirectly to her! She's pretty cute and sweet. I might do okay with certain types of other women then in addition to my ideal type who is already married but I am friends with and appreciates me as well.

Well, the taller lady friend with the older sister I'm close to admitted that she likes me a lot. She even said that she wishes I was taller, so I guess that's how the normal preferences are going to be with women and I have to accept it. I think I've learned to accept how it is and let go of frustrations and since I was born a certain way, I'll just make do with what I can and go on trying to live my life from believing in and worshipping Christ's resurrection.