Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Overcoming Distractions

Yesterday, I ended up watching the World Cup and it was a delight to see the weaker team Japan give the third best team in the world a run for its money. They were up 2-0 in the 60th minute and most spectators thought they were done but at the end of the game, Belgium won 3-2! It was an excellent game to watch and very entertaining and the Japanese team was really sulking about it. After that, my mind was just on soccer and I couldn't think about my other priorities!

Yesterday, from looking at the photos of girls who were going to meetups, I was attracted to a few so I saved those events for socializing. Today, I'm not really feeling the same attraction anymore so I closed it out and not going. I'm just not feeling it and figure that I will work on myself this weekend. Honestly, I'm about playing catch up and I feel a little regret that I didn't maintain what I originally had set my mind on. If I really continue doing something similar like this for the next five years, then I'm really going to feel like a nobody.

However, it feels like I'm a natural when it comes to interacting with girls I'm great friends with. They are like a text away for hanging out and in a way, it's good for me. I actually want to improve my appearance and keep working on myself and wear decent clothing before going to hang with them. It's also fun, and I've realized that they do the same by habit. For me, it doesn't come naturally and I have to put in some effort. I guess it's good in that it keeps me in check, so I feel lucky to have a good amount of lady friends and to also hang with them and have fun socializing.

The past is done and over with. I'm figuratively only a few mouse clicks away from getting everything back in order. The only distraction I feel like I really have is my parents because as they are getting older and sometimes look more mellow, it seems like when I'm back from work, they are ready to relax and can appear to be so lazy and it's appealing to me with what they are watching too! I mean even with a roommate or maybe the wife someday, I could probably still be easily carried away if they put on a show to watch. I'm so susceptible to joining in and forgetting about what I wanted to do with myself.

Therefore, it's probably not my parent's fault that I can easily be distracted and join in with they are interested with watching at the living room. I can probably even be momentarily distracted in this outside world too. Also, my mind can play like I'm in an intriguing and dramatic world so my daydreaming could get to me. I just have some concentrated efforts that I would like to make and need to accept it's not going to be fun feeling like I'm missing out on watching something entertaining sometimes.