Friday, July 6, 2018

Way To Use Facebook

Facebook is pretty much just expressing myself and adding lots of fun pictures and enjoying other friends' posts. I'm a confrontational and scary person for a short man and very testosterone driven with above average intelligence. It could be from actually having enough smarts if I set my mind into it that if a person acts rude and crazy, I will pick up on it eventually and they would have reason to be so scared of me, if I'm angry. I think this is the very essence why a few individuals don't want to have anything to do with me.

In a way, with them removing me as a friend because of me being so distracting to them while fearful of my antagonistic nature, I'm cutting down on interacting with more weird people! It seems like because of this common problem that I have developed, I'm not that popular on Facebook. It's a pain to figure out people and I don't want to work for them either. I would rather get along while doing something with common interests and helping them out a little along the way. Basically, I just want to form relationships with people and be a witness to my faith in the resurrection of Jesus. I talk about being a Christian to my friends and from it, I act like a normal person in the world but a few things about me is that I'm nice to strangers but have admitted that I've scared a group of Christians who really don't feel that anointed with me in studying God's Word. Actually, I've noticed only a few at that church and those people are cool with me, so it's like the people I'm cool with are great Christians; whereas the ones who acted stupid with me are not that great so I'm being very biased here and I guess it's all natural.

The problem with that church is that the ones who acted stupid with me claim to have dominion over the church! I sort of feel bad because I can't hang around with the people I'm cool with at that church anymore because of those leaders spreading negativity about me. To sort this out, I'm going to have to do a little damage control by just being an honest person. I'm just going to confront them even with the people I'm cool with around those leaders and just be like, if they can't handle me then I'll accept it now and they didn't admit it back then from having anger issues and being stupid with me. I will tell them the situation isn't serious and the people they want to use to blame me don't even go to that church anymore and never stepped up to tell me because it wasn't serious and the ones to make it a big deal were them with not much basis and being angry about something I don't care about either. There are also millions of churches out there who can do a better job than them and it's evidence because they are really small and nobody in the world really knows them. It's these spiritually led people who are encouraging more in the Spirit to go out and create more disciples and they just do it in a weird fashion that's based on their physical needs.

In conclusion with those amateur leaders being out of hand with me, I accept this could have been God's way of telling me to leave that church and find another that would accept me and to grow from there. It's like this church closed the doors on me from being stupid and it's bound to happen with weird idiots leading the way, so I guess I don't really have anything to worry about. I just want them to admit that they can't handle me and by them saying that, I will accept it and move on. This has so many funny implications against them because I'm attacking their weaknesses by choosing to walk away from them after getting them to say that they indirectly suck with being of any help to me while they are still angry with me. It's on their own grave then because they are a bunch of lost causes. I will make this move after I become a millionaire with a six pack and I choose to leave them alone for now until I have those things and then I will just be honest and ready for moving on while laughing. I'm already doing that anyway, just that I made this oath to God and it isn't illegal and it's not sinning against the Lord from confronting sinful Christian leaders of a church who don't know any better with my situation when I know it the best already.