Thursday, July 12, 2018

Spending Time Wisely

What's turning out to be difficult is making time for others and also spending money, so I guess it becomes a lot about priorities and there's really no right and wrong answer when it comes down to it. I guess you just have to born a certain way and also work on it to attract the people you want to be around. Time management in itself is an art and I believe a lot of is required for leading yourself to where you want to go.

Where I'm finding myself lacking is that my mind loves to wander and keeps me from being productive. I think just taking a breather and turning on the TV will pretty much cause this distraction for me as well. It's probably that I should know better but my mind is weak sometimes so I have to keep working on myself. One of the biggest obstacles for me right now is sorting through a lot of stuff that I don't really use and cutting it down while making the best use of my time. It's been taking me days to do like a complete overhaul of my life and that's still going on for me.