Friday, July 6, 2018

Cutting Down Costs

It looks like a bulk of my bills are coming from paying off loans in the form of car and student loans. It would be awesome to get rid of them so I could have room to save up more money and go into doing my own investment business. Other than that, it looks like my living expenses have pretty much been about purchasing food, gas for traveling, buying useful gadgets, and for staying at a place. I still rent from my parents which really sucks because my mom is forcing me to pay up $850 a month to stay and she's only using that money for savings with her own bank account. It's implied that I'm going to get all of that back when it's time to buy my own home, but there's no guarantee.

I would rather go into my own business now so that I wouldn't have to ask for any money back from my parents and to be able to afford my own family vacation. I might just treat out my closest friends who are like family to me while not worrying so much about wasting money on them. The only thing it really has come down to is just money and I have the desire to work for a lot of it in the area of being a very smart person and doing things legally so that I can have the government off my back.

Working as my own boss and only by myself, I won't need any employee because how hard really is it to hit a button and exchange fluctuating currency rates for attempting to make profit? People think it's like gambling, but I've been working at it to find an edge and not many out there who are very serious about it except for like 99% of the small number of traders in the world losing lots of money on it! Yeah, that will scare a bunch of people from trying to make a business out of it, and I'm not even going to bother sharing my secrets with anyone because it probably won't even make any sense to them and I don't really want to teach anybody when I could just relax from enjoying the fruits of my labor. So yeah, I think being lucky after all of this hard work to get there is only fair and comes after paying your dues.